IDO Edge
Your performance journey starts today

Universal Edge for headless and fullstack

Security Suite with DDoS protection and WAF

Optimization Suite to take you to your goals

1200 Points of Presence – Including inside China

Last mile website optimization

Scales to infinity

The beauty of a
unified edge.

With the power of modern web delivery and optimisation tools, IDO Edge provides your visitors a better experience from day one. It is packed with a wide set of features that brings the best of acceleration, headless compute, enterprise security, actionable insights and gorgeous visualizations. This comes in a unified package that connects and enhances your existing and future web properties to your business goals.
Serve your users with the benefit of global redundancy and the ultra-low latency of truly distributed origin nodes. 


With IDO Edge Global your frontend application runs on worker locations across 6 continents and with full compute capability. No need to adapt to limited edge workers. This is topped of with 1200 edge locations across the planet that deals that provide security and static asset caching.




Sitecore JSS


Salesforce Commerce

Not all applications are tooled for headless and not all should. IDO Edge provides optimization, edge caching, security and acceleration for fullstack applications on enterprise CMS platforms such as Sitecore XP, Umbraco, Optimizely.


With IDO Edge your websites gets accelerated, protected and your pagespeed scores gets boosted from day one, with zero changes to your application.
As a native feature, Mainland China delivery is fully included in any IDO Edge deployment. This ensures zero-compromise performance for visitors in the Chinese market.


Endpoints on IDO Edge are CDN cached within China, and the for headless applications IDO Edge Global provide worker nodes in Beijing and Shanghai. To augment fullstack applications, IDO Edge deploys hundreds of cache locations for accelerated delivery in Mainland China.

Optimise to outperform.
Time to take control.

The perfect delivery platform for your enterprise CMS. Designed for the enterprise, IDO Edge offloads, accelerates, optimises and secures your website. The backbone of IDO Edge is the ongoing data mining and analysis of the global traffic flow. This in turn is provided actionable insights into valuable optimisation and security opportunities. The integrated optimisation journey of IDO Edge is the backbone of harvesting the potential of a powerful frontend platform.

Sitecore XM Cloud

Sitecore XP





100% based on Microsoft Azure. IDO Edge is built on all the enterprise security and complaince you expect you expect from a Microsoft based platform.

Enterprise Security.

IDO Edge comes with a comprehensive security suite including OWASP Web Application Firewall and DDoS mitigation services, that protects enterprise websites with comprehensive security.
This dual-layered defense system proactively shields against application vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, crosss site scripting and volumetric attacks, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.
Having an integrated approach is pivotal for enterprises, as it streamlines protection implementation, reduces complexity, and provides robust safeguarding, enabling them to focus on core operations while keeping their digital assets secure and accessible.
The IDO Edge web application firewall (WAF) tuning service is indispensable for safeguarding enterprise websites. It tailors the WAF to the site’s distinct requirements, reducing false positives and staying ahead of evolving cyber threats.
Without ongoing tuning your firewall will simply be ineffective. Tuning ensures a strong defense without impeding user experience, providing vital protection for enterprise websites against the complex and ever-changing landscape of online security challenges.

Serve effectively inside China.

Delight your site visitors in China with unencumbered, native performance.
IDO Edge Global provides both Mainland CDN locations and deployed worker nodes for headless frondends within China as part of the package.
Powered by Microsoft Azure.

Faster Media with No Loss of Quality.

Images are optimised on the fly with IDO Edge resulting in instant results for your site visitors.
Half the size, twice the speed, same quality. Tomato, Tomato.
Without any additional work or perceived loss of quality, IDO Edge decreases the weight of images by 50% using optimised WebP and AVIF versions, speeding up delivery time for most visitors.
Boost SEO scores. Attract more organic traffic. Convert more. Outperform the competition.
All included from day one without compromise.

Visualize in style.

IDO Edge includes live visualizations capturing the state of your websites. 
Track active visitors, orders and other conversions, errors, security events, SLA breaches and much more on dashboards that never fails to impress.

Orders or Conversions


Firewall Intercepts

Global Latency

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